About Us

The story of how we began

Tele-Medico (short for Tele-Medical Co) was founded in the spring of 2015 by Tim Harrison. Tim has been a licensed CPA for 40 years, and has held COO/CFO positions with for-profit and non-profit businesses ranging in size from 100 employees ($10 million operating budget) to 10,000 employees ($1 billion operating budget). Included among those, Tim has held the position of Budget Director for The Johns Hopkins Hospital, as well as Director of Finance (CFO) and Director of Central Services for AAA-rated Baltimore County.

Among the other responsibilities of his CFO role in Baltimore County, he chaired the Board of Trustees of the Employee Retirement System, and therefore managed a $2.5 billion pension fund. In his role as Director of Central Services, he managed all of the benefit programs for 10,000 active and 7,000 retired County employees, and also served as Chief of Purchasing for the County.

In the summer of 2012, Tim took an early retirement after more than 20 years as a corporate COO/CFO, and formed Harrison & Associates, a health insurance brokerage business. Tim’s goal was to use the expertise that he developed procuring and implementing health insurance programs, especially self-funded medical plans, to assist prospective business customers in their efforts to reduce benefit-related operating costs.

Tim and his wife, Connie Castanera, have worked together since its adoption to enroll Spanish speakers in the Mid-Atlantic region in ACA (aka Obamacare) programs. Tele-Medico was formed to satisfy the unmet medical needs of a large segment of the Spanish-speaking families in the area. As it has evolved, Tele-Medico combines the industry-leading Teladoc provider network with the no co-pay and no deductible Call A Doctor Plus (CADR+) product model to assist businesses and individuals as follows:

  • Businesses – either individually or through association memberships, to reduce operating costs related to employee claims (as Teladoc has successfully done for Home Depot, Penske, T-Mobile, Starbucks, and numerous other well-known national businesses).
  • Associations – who seek to use the group purchasing power of the association to obtain the best possible pricing for employer members who would provide the program on a non-voluntary basis to their employees to reduce claims costs (ROI of up to 400%) and as a powerful employee retention/recruitment tool; or who would like to offer the program as a voluntary member discount program, and generate a significant new source of “royalty” revenue for the association.
  • Individuals – those who are looking for a very affordable way to satisfy most of their family’s medical needs; and/or those who are already enrolled in an individual or employer-provided medical plan and wanting 24/7/365 nationwide access to dual certified (board and NCQA) physicians, with no co-pays or deductibles, who can also prescribe in SureScripts, the nation’s largest pharmacy network.

Teladoc, our tele-physician partner, has been in business since 2002, and is the largest and most highly regarded provider in the country. As we continue to expand our national network of Senior Associates, we encourage you to contact the representative in your area to obtain additional information about Tele-Medico programs.

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