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Savings on a wide range of healthcare products and services like prescription drugs, lab tests, vision, dental care and more.

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Tele-Medico offers you a health and wellness program targeted at saving you time and money by using the latest online technology to bring board certified doctors to you right over the phone or through your computer. There are NO co-pays, NO deductibles and NO per call charges.

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Talk with a network attorney or financial consultant by phone for as long or as many times as you need, or in person for 30 minutes free!

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Speak directly with highly educated, vetted & trained consultants who are ready to listen and help guide you through life’s challenges.


Talk to a Doctor in Minutes

We offer 24/7 access to U.S. Board Certified physicians who can provide you and your family with diagnosis, treatment plans and prescriptions if needed. You can usually speak to a doctor in less than 15 minutes and our doctors have on average, over 15 years of in-office experience.

Online Worklife Resources

In-depth resources and guides for daily issues from adoption to college planning, elder care, disaster relief, emergency care and more.

Bill Review & Mediation

Have hospital bills totaling over $400? Let our Bill Saver team work on your behalf to reduce what you owe. Pay our team only 25% of the total savings!

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Tele-Medico offers special programs and pricing for businesses of all sizes. Find out how Tele-Medico can help your business lower it’s benefits costs and improve overall employee wellness and moral.

CASE STUDY: Rent-A-Center Saves $1.9M using our provider Teladoc

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